Your CCF Donation Changes Lives

At the Cure Cancer Foundation, we believe in the power of your generosity. We also believe in transparency. We want you to understand how the funding from your donations is used and its impact on the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones. Today we’d like to share some updates on the incredible changes your support has brought, including the new equipment and training CCF funds have provided.

New Equipment:

Point of Care Ultrasound Machine:

Many cancer patients become so ill that leaving their beds can become a monumental challenge. Providing as much care as possible at their bedside is crucial to ensuring their comfort and well-being. Traditionally, diagnostic imaging departments handled procedures such as ultrasound examinations, meaning patients would have to move out of their beds which could be uncomfortable or painful.

However, the introduction of point-of-care ultrasound machines at the Cross Cancer Institute means that patients can now be treated at their bedsides. These machines offer immense relief to patients experiencing painful symptoms, such as fluid build-up around their lungs and stomachs, which can make breathing more difficult and cause significant pain. Technicians can use point-of-care ultrasound machines to relieve these symptoms and drain fluids right at the patient’s bedside!

These tools also have several diagnostic applications. Ultrasound can be used to identify why a patient suddenly get violently ill; for example, Medical staff can also use the machines to help administer IVs (chemotherapy makes it very hard to find veins.) The enhanced diagnosis capabilities can prevent patient transfers and keep treatment going at the Cross, where doctors and nurses are already familiar with the patient’s needs.

 Last year’s Day of Golf tournament funded the Point of Care Ultrasound Machine.

New Brachytherapy Applicators

Brachytherapy involves placing radioactive sources in or near tumours to deliver a high radiation dose directly to cancer cells. New applicators have been purchased using Cure Cancer Foundation funding, and now doctors can offer enhanced personalized care to more patients and address various tumour types. The Cross Cancer Institute treats 40-50 patients with brachytherapy annually, and Edmonton treats the greatest number of cervical cancer patients in Alberta every year.  Treatment is delivered within 10 minutes, and this groundbreaking treatment can cure specific types of cancer through a high dose of radiation; it does not just put it into remission.

Training Funding:

In addition to these remarkable equipment upgrades, your contributions have also made a significant impact on the professional development of the staff at the Cross Cancer Institute. CCF funds have gone to training four therapists with an in-person MRI certification. This advanced training means therapists won’t have to rely solely on CT scans and diagnostic imaging; staff will be able to use more accurate MRI methods.

Thank You for Your Donations

We cannot stress enough how grateful we are for your invaluable donations. CCF funding has provided point-of-care ultrasound machines, new brachytherapy applicators, and advanced training, all transforming how patients receive care. These more advanced treatment methods have improved the lives of many cancer patients and given them a new chance at beating cancer. None of this would be possible without the generous donations of our donors. Thank you!

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