World’s Longest Hockey Game is Back in 2024!

The junior version of the World’s Longest Hockey Game will take place from January 25-28, 2024. Seventy-eight kids aged 12-16 will be hitting the ice at Saiker’s Acres in Sherwood Park, where they will play hockey for a lengthy 72 hours. These caring and courageous young players aim to raise an ambitious $500,000, which will be used to support pediatric clinical trials through the University of Alberta.

Fundraising Goal

The Players

These young hockey super stars are providing their time, energy, and talents to this incredible cause. But what would drive someone so young to play hockey in the Sherwood Park cold for 72 straight hours? Corbin Blatz is playing to honour his grandpa, Gerry.

In May 2022, Corbin’s beloved grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. Despite his courageous battle, he sadly passed away on September 19, 2020, at the age of 65. Corbin’s love for his grandfather inspired him to help fundraise for cancer research. When Corbin was told he would be raising funds for kids with cancer and not adults like his grandpa, Corbin responded swiftly, saying, “Cancer is cancer, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how old you are, it still sucks!”

Normally, Corbin sports the number 16 on his jersey, but for World’s Longest Hockey Game Juniors, he’ll wear number 11 as a tribute to his grandpa, who wore that same number when he played hockey.

The Cause

Proceeds from the World’s Longest Hockey Game Juniors will go toward pediatric cancer research at the University of Alberta and to support children receiving cancer treatment here in Edmonton.

Donations Support Two Main Areas:

  • The Expansion of Pediatric Clinical Trials Right Here in Edmonton to Include Specific Quality of Life Trials
    Many children who survive cancer may never go through puberty, may lose their hearing, may lose their sight, or suffer other side effects of cancer treatment. While these treatments allow the child to “survive” cancer, their lives may never be the same.  More trials examining quality of life and ways to improve it in cancer survivors are needed in Edmonton.
  • Pediatric Brain Tumour Research
    Researchers are looking for different ways to monitor children with brain tumours during their treatment journey. One way is examining changes in spinal fluid to help guide medical staff to tailor specific treatments to individual patients, monitoring response to treatment,  and provide early detection of tumour progression or relapse.

Everyone who supports the World’s Longest Hockey Game Juniors is helping to accelerate research that helps to provide new and more effective treatments for pediatric cancer patients.

World’s Longest Games

World’s Longest Games began in 2003 when Brent Saik organized the inaugural World’s Longest Hockey Game, where 40 hockey players played for 80 consecutive hours. The event was a considerable success, raising $150,000 for the Cross Cancer Institute. After losing his wife Susan to cancer shortly after the first World’s Longest Hockey Game Brent wanted to do more. Since then, with the support of many amazing volunteers, donors, players, and committee members, Brent has organized seven World’s Longest Hockey Games (with the upcoming junior edition being the eighth) and two World’s Longest Baseball Game. Together, these events have raised over $7.41 million dollars for the Cross Cancer Institute.

You can learn more about the upcoming event by clicking the button below, and please consider donating.

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