Don’t Miss Tomorrow’s Puck Drop!

Jr's Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, at Saiker’s Acres in Sherwood Park, the puck will drop as our brave young hockey players are set to engage in a 72-hour hockey game from January 25 to 28. The goal is to raise $500,000 to support childhood cancer clinical trials through the University of Alberta.

The opening ceremony will begin at 3:00 p.m. 


AGED 10-16


Kevin Lowe, of Edmonton Oilers fame, will kick off the 72 hour game, when he drops the puck at 3:00 p.m. signaling the beginning of the World's Longest Hockey Game Juniors.

How to Support?

Come and Watch!

 “We encourage everyone to come out, watch the game, and support these dedicated players. By cheering them on, you’re also supporting a cause trying to improve the lives of children with cancer,” says Brent Saik, Organizer of the World’s Longest Games.


You can donate to an individual player to help them meet their personal fundraising goal, or donate directly to the World’s Longest Hockey Game.


You can donate online, or on-site.

On-Site Food and Drinks

BT's Lunch Box will be onsite to provide some delicious food and beverages while you watch the World's Longest Hockey Game Juniors!


BT's Lunch Box will be onsite:

  • Thurs 3-11pm
  • Fri 2-7pm
  • Sat 9-4pm
  • Sun 10-7pm

Come hungry and get ready to chow down on some delicious food & drinks!!

The Cause

Proceeds from the World’s Longest Hockey Game Juniors will go toward pediatric cancer research at the University of Alberta and to support children receiving cancer treatment here in Edmonton. The donations will support two crucial areas.

The Expansion of Pediatric Clinical Trials in Edmonton to Include Specific Quality of Life Trials

Many children who survive cancer may never go through puberty, may lose their hearing, may lose their sight, or suffer other side effects of cancer treatment. While these treatments allow the child to “survive” cancer, their lives may never be the same.  More trials examining quality of life and ways to improve it in cancer survivors are needed in Edmonton.

Pediatric Brain Tumour Research

Researchers are looking for different ways to monitor children with brain tumours during their treatment journey. One way is examining changes in spinal fluid to help guide medical staff to tailor specific treatments to individual patients, monitoring response to treatment, and provide early detection of tumour progression or relapse.

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Help us Reach our Goal!

Help us reach our goal raise $500,000. Your donation will support childhood cancer clinical trials through the University of Alberta and make a significant impact on the lives of children suffering from cancer.


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