Cure Cancer Foundation – Summer Event Cancellations

COVID 19 Cancels Cure Cancer Foundation Summer Events

It is with mixed emotions that I share the 2020 Glenn Anderson Day of Golf, in support of the Cross Cancer Institute is cancelled, the first time in 32 years we have not held this event!  Alongside, our partner event “The TOAST OF THE TOWN” celebrating Kevin Lowe and his amazing community contributions is also cancelled.

After a great deal of deliberation with The Cure Cancer Foundation Board of Directors, committee members and most importantly the business community who has supported Cancer Patients at The Cross Cancer Institute through this event for the past 32 years we have made the painful decision to cancel our 2020 programs.

This year started off amazing! Renewed business confidence in the economy had our golf committee on a record pace for fundraising and our partner event struck gold when Kevin Lowe agreed to be “THE TOAST OF THE TOWN”.

It feels surreal!  Streets abandoned, businesses closed, isolation from our friends, family and colleagues – but the world is facing something of an unprecedented nature!  It reminds me of the Will Smith movie “I Am LEGEND” where the world stops and he is the only man left standing!

We will be reaching out to each of our stakeholders and work through the next steps.  We know the world will change, the economy will rebound – but “when” is the answer so many of us continue to ponder! 

First, I want to thank you for your ongoing support. Our partners have been truly amazing!  Every time we ask you to help – you are there!  The groundwork we have laid will serve us well for 2021 and beyond. 

Our board contemplated the options as we face this pandemic and came to the conclusion that donors – those who have paid or committed funds and those who are considering donating funds – would all be grateful if we suspended our 2020 tourney – empathetic to the plight of all our donors – many of whom may not survive or be challenged financially in the weeks ahead.

As donors you have three options:

  1. We will refund money already paid (or portion thereof that we have not already invested in building the tourney) – more to come on this as we determine what percent we can refund as we have incurred expenses YTD.
  2. Ask you to continue supporting and donate the money – with a tax receipt to either a research project or a patient assistance program for those who can no longer afford special drugs. You pick!
  3. Roll your sponsorship into next year at the same level – if you paid up we can hold on to it and if you have not paid we will consider as a 2021 commitment and it will set us up for an amazing tourney next year!

It really is your choice based on your situation.  JUST EMAIL to select an option that fits you and we will then move to resolving the funding as discussed.

Our intention to continue supporting research and patient care is unwavering.

Feel free to share our message as we reach out to donors across the greater Capital Region.  If you or other donors have questions feel free to call me on cell 780 – 288 – 8650.  Take care… be safe… stay healthy …. and keep your distance as we try to mitigate this horrible virus that has set the world ablaze.

Darren Baumgardner

Cure Cancer Foundation, Board Member

Glenn Anderson Day of Golf, Co-Chairman

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