Jammin’ for a Cure – Virtual Concert for Cancer Research

EDMONTON, AB – March 11, 2021 – On the heels of the successful 2021 World’s Longest Hockey Game, the Cure Cancer Foundation is hosting 18 hours of live music to raise money for a powerful cancer treatment here in Alberta.  

Thirty-four (34) bands are lined up featuring stars such as Brett Kissel and Alfie Zappacosta, who are ready to (virtually) get back in front of the fans!

“These amazing performers are contributing their time and talents,” said Darren Baumgardner. “We’re asking people to donate generously to help fund innovative cancer treatment for patients in Alberta, and enjoy great music at the same time.”

Donors can go online to www.jamminforacure.com to contribute to this great cause and watch the virtual concert.

The concert, Jammin’ for a Cure, will take place from 6:00 p.m. to midnight on Friday, March 26, and from noon to midnight Saturday. March 27. Country, Rock, Pop, and solo artists all will be coming together for this cause.

Donations for Jammin’ for a Cure will go directly to further research and patient testing, right here in Alberta. Researchers who have developed leading treatments can continue to bring even better options to patients who have few, if any, opportunities for a cure.

The cancer treatment is an evolution of an existing therapy that will utilize cells from healthy patients to kill off the cancerous cells in sick patients.

The treatment has shown impressive results in Multiple Myeloma and researchers are hopeful to see results in other blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphomas.  

The Cure Cancer Foundation is also proud to announce that the Edmonton Oilers have graciously donated the 50/50 prize money for tomorrow’s game, to the Cure Cancer Foundation. Their support is greatly appreciated. 


The Medicine

The treatment is an evolution of the treatment known as chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy. This progression involves utilizing K cells from healthy people and injecting them into cancer patients so that these cells can be the ones to fight off the cancerous cells. This way, the treatment does not rely on the health of the patient, whose body has already been through so much.

The Alberta Government has declared March as Multiple Myeloma month! We are grateful this disease is gaining awareness as it is one of the hardest diseases to fight.

Dr. Chu describes the treatment as “giving the lymphocyte a new barcode reader.” Two of his patients who received the treatment over three years ago are still in remission today from Multiple Myeloma. When asked about their pre-treatment condition, Dr. Chu stated that they “were expected to die” but “both has a very dramatic response” to the treatment.

The Music

34 Bands will be playing 18 hours of live music, virtually! Bands and solo artists have come together to donate their time and talent for a good cause!

The Management

The Cure Cancer Foundation is a new grassroots movement that was founded by a group of people who each have decades of experience in raising funds for cancer research and treatment here in Alberta.

This is the first ever Jammin’ for A Cure event. In the midst of the pandemic, the Cure Cancer Foundation set out to bring live music to people while also raising money for important cancer research that is happening right here in Edmonton.

The event is being held in accordance with all standards put forth by AHS. All performers will be tested for COVID-19 in advance of their performance and they will be tested again once they arrive on site. The studio has been arranged to ensure social distancing is possible.

Jammin’ for A Cure is being powered by Production World. A huge thank you to them for donating their space for a good cause.

For Information –

Dean Heuman                                                                        Email: deanh@focuscom.ca

Communications Committee – Cure Cancer Foundation 780-983-9954                         

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